High school band plays on after instruments stolen

High school band plays on after instruments stolen

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A local high school band is trying to make-do after a crook stole nearly a dozen instruments last summer.

While still short a few instruments, the show goes on, but the kids could use your help.

It was a devastating loss for the small Melrose High School Band.

"We are still trying to train ourselves to be better than the other schools but we can't really do that with the lack of resources that we have right now," said senior section leader Timothy Edwards.

Edwards only recently received his trombone replacement.

Shelby County Schools has worked to restore the band to its previous size, but they are still not a full band yet, making it tricky when picking out pieces for the band to play.

"It's really been hard especially for the percussion section not having the right drums or not having enough drums or not having enough of a particular instrument," said Melrose High Band Director Antwuan Walters. "So it's really been a struggle, but we've really found ways to be creative and push through."

On Friday night the band performed in remembrance of Joseph Ponder, a man who loved music and would have wanted these young musicians to have every opportunity to play and perform.

The concert was also a fundraiser to help raise to last bit of money to replace the final missing instruments.

"I just hope that they realize the mistake that they caused," Walters said. "[Not only] It may have granted them this quick fix to whatever they need to do, but it definitely cost these young individuals you know a great music education."

The obstacle of missing instruments this school year has only made the band practice harder, driven to overcome the challenge.

The band says they are accepting any old instruments you may not be playing.

Visit their GoFundMe page to donate and help the band raise its final $2,000.

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