Church brings the crucifixion story to life on Good Friday

Church brings the crucifixion story to life on Good Friday
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SHELBY COUNTY, TN (WMC) - Christians set out on Good Friday to give visitors and passers-by a "glimpse of Jesus."

Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic Church held its first "Living Stations" on Good Friday outside its church doors, off Highway 51.

The Stations of the Cross traces the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, beginning with him being condemned to death and ending with his body being laid in the tomb.

According to Father Bryan Timby of Our Lady of Sorrows, the event was the idea of his parishioners.

Some of his parishioners had attended "Living Stations" last year at another church in the county and they brought the idea back to Timby.

He said 32 people played characters during the Stations and even came up with their own costumes.

"They made their own costumes or they went out and bought them, but they were responsible for their own costumes," Timby said.

He said the church did the Stations in English and then followed it in Spanish.

"We didn't want anyone to feel left out," he said.

The parish said they wanted to tell the story of Jesus and help people connect to Christ.

"It puts people in a position to where they experience what people during Jesus' time felt," Timby said. "I think it's important people get in touch with their emotions."

The Living Stations was more than a drama or a parish event. Timby said it was a story for everyone.

"People came in touch with Jesus that day for that moment," he said. "I told them today, we're gonna give them a glimpse of Jesus."

Timby said the event was held outside and caused many people to stop on Highway 51 in the median to watch and take photos. Their goal had been achieved. They gave people a glimpse of Jesus.

Timby said the church is planning to do the event against next year on Good Friday.

"It was a big success, about 300 people came," he said.

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