Neighboring businesses stick up for Railgarten amidst legal troubles

Neighboring businesses stick up for Railgarten amidst legal troubles

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Controversy and confusion continues to flare at Midtown Memphis's newest hot spot, Railgarten.

Code violations shut portions of it down one day after it opened to the public.

City of Memphis said it never approved an outdoor concert stage or an outside bar, which sold 328 cases beer before being shut down.

Donald Carwile, who operators Carwile's Custom Cleaners in the same Midtown neighborhood, appreciates what Railgarten is trying to do.

"I like him. He's put a lot of money in this place next door," Carwile said.

City council members decided to delay the decision that will decide whether Railgarten can continue the use of metal shipping containers, as well as keep its outside bar open. The use of shipping containers and the development of an outside bar area were not covered in the special permit that was originally requested.

Now, parking issues blamed on Railgarten are the latest problem to arise for the entertainment complex.

Memphis City Council members claim that several nearby businesses complained. Business owner Frank Roberts' establishment, Palliado, was listed in that document, but he claims that he never filed a complaint against Railgarten.

"As I read I said, 'Whoa!' I said, 'Here is the name of my business and I did not give the authority to anybody to include me as a complainant in the case whatsoever,'" Roberts said.

Roberts wasn't the only business on the list that had that reaction. In fact, businesses now have agreements with Railgarten for customers to use their parking lots after hours.

"My parking lot is the cleanest. It's even been because he actually comes through at nighttime, 2 a.m., with a truck and they clean up all the parking lots," Carwile said.

Railgarten not only reminds its customers not to park in neighboring lots, they even paid for signage to stop its patrons from parking on other businesses' property.

"Railgarten didn't introduce a parking problem here," Roberts said. "We've had this parking problem as long as I've had a business here, which is 21 years."

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