Darth Vader: Saving lives by using The Force

Darth Vader: Saving lives by using The Force

BARTLETT, TN (WMC) - The Sith Lord is alive and well.

Okay, well he might not be a Sith, but he shares a name with one.

Darthvader Williamson is a surgery tech at Saint Francis Hospital-Bartlett.

Yes, that's his birth name. Darthvader said his parents were split between the name and Junior, but the dark side of the force won out.

"My mother wanted me to be named Junior, which was after my father Anthony Lee Williamson. But him being a Star Wars buff, he was so enamored with the character Darth Vader, he was like, 'this would be one bad name for our son,'" Williamson said. "And under the effects of anesthesia, she would have agreed to anything. When she realized what she'd done, afterward she was like, 'what have we done?'"

Williamson explained the name on the hospital's YouTube channel.

Darthvader works with the hospitals droids---er, robots and technology, which includes a new state of the art imaging system.

So when he's not destroying planets with the Death Star's Superlaser, he's busy saving lives.

Maybe not everyone on the dark side is irredeemable.

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