Power slowly coming back to Whitehaven

Power slowly coming back to Whitehaven

WHITEHAVEN, TN (WMC) - Power returned to parts of Whitehaven on Thursday.

Ervin Harris is one of the residents who now has power to his home.

"I wanted to jump up and dance around the house!" Harris said.

However, he also still has a tree laying through his roof.

"From the limb that punched a hole in my house, I was probably a foot from that," Harris said.

After four days in the dark, the power came back to his Whitehaven home on Wednesday night.

But others, like his neighbor Jimmy Malone, still didn't have power.

"It's been a struggle, I tell ya," Malone said.

Malone was using a flashlight to see, but during the interview, the power came back on.  

"Let's see how long they're going to stay on," Malone said.

City crews removed more than 300 trees blocking streets, and close to 200 still remain.

"To the workers in the field, they're doing a tremendous job," Harris said.

Harris is taking matters into his own hands, as many continue to join the cleanup.

"Everything that happens to us, it's going to pass," Harris said. "Just like the storm did."

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