Protect your pets during firework shows

Protect your pets during firework shows

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - While we may enjoy firework shows, that isn't true for your beloved pets.

The Memphis Animal Shelter is closed for the Fourth of July, but community engagement specialist Katie Pemberton said the day after is when many need help.

"There is a possibility that we'll have people lined up to surrender strays like, 'hey I found this dog,'" Pemberton said.

That's because fireworks can cause stress for pets. Add that with distracted owners, and many pets get scared and end up out on the streets.

"Maybe you think your yard is secure, but when a dog or a cat is scared, they can find a way out," Pemberton said.

However, she said there are ways you can plan ahead.

The best defense is a collar with Identification tags.

"That is at bare minimum your phone numbers, several numbers for you," Pemberton said.

But if they do get away, the first response is to be proactive.

"Number one act quickly; this is not the time to take your time, you need to get on it right away," Pemberton said.

That means put up fliers around your area and online using lost and found pages on Facebook and posts on Craigslist.

Of course, check your local animal shelters. Time matters, and for MAS it's three days.

"After that, they can be adopted, unfortunately, if we do run out of space then we do have to make tough euthanasia decisions," Pemberton said.

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