'Disgusting place' SCS treating rodent problem at White Station High

'Disgusting place' SCS treating rodent problem at White Station High
(Source: Submitted)
(Source: Submitted)

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Students say rats are taking over a school in Memphis.

White Station High School students took pictures of the rat infestation after weeks of dealing with the invading rodents. Students said the rats have even disrupted classes.

"People actually see them firsthand in the hallways and they just talk about how disgusting it is," said a White Station student who asked to remain anonymous.

The student also said the rats have disrupted classes in some situations when they have dropped from the ceiling.

"They obviously freaked out and it climbed on the desk and roamed around," the student said.

She claims a large portion of the student body thinks the school is a quote "disgusting place" and wants the problem addressed.

"One of our teachers set up mouse traps, and he'll come in the next day and just take pictures with it, and they kind of think it's a joke," she said.

Shelby County Schools released the following statement on the matter:

"The District's Facilities staff has been treating the rodent problem at White Station High multiple times per week since the start the school year. However, we have also recently hired an external pest control company to help address the problem. We have been informed it could take up to 3-4 months for the external company to complete the treatment throughout the entire building but we are taking immediate steps. We have plugged holes and cracks in the walls, set bait stations on the exterior of the building and have set traps inside the building that are monitored daily.  We have identified improperly discarded food items as a primary reason for the problem, so we are asking our students to dispose of food items properly.   We are also increasing the frequency our custodial vendors empty the on-campus dumpsters. We take the cleanliness and safety of our campuses very seriously, and we want to assure students, families and staff that the treatment of this issue is a top priority."

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