Lorenzen Wright’s mom thankful for new lead in son’s cold case

Lorenzen Wright’s mom thankful for new lead in son’s cold case

WALNUT, MS (WMC) - Thankful is what Lorenzen Wright's mother says she feels towards investigators after a potential murder weapon was found in her son's case.

Wright's mother Deborah Marion said she's so happy, so relieved to see progress now in the case.

She traveled to Walnut, Mississippi on Friday to see it all for herself.

"Thank you, Jesus," Marion said. "They done found something because we hadn't heard nothing."

It's been seven long years of grief for the former NBA player's family, who have been searching for any clue, something to help track down his killer.

"It hurts every day, every day," Marion said. "Y'all didn't understand what kind of child, this child was."

Wright played for the Memphis Grizzlies and was also a star basketball player at the University of Memphis.

His mother came steps closer to justice Thursday when investigators told her they found the gun they believe was used to kill her son back in July 2010.

The gun was found in a lake in Walnut, Mississippi, 67 miles from Memphis.

"Maybe if I go down there I'll pass a town and I could say maybe he knew somebody in this little town or that town," Marion said. "I've got to go."

So she did.

She said over the phone Friday it meant so much being there and she stands by her belief that whoever placed the gun in the lake perhaps has ties to Memphis.

"Somebody bought that gun and that serial number gone lead to somebody," Marion said.

For the past seven years, she hasn't given up.

"He wouldn't give up on me," Marion said.

Each day she continues to pray for answer, peace, and for someone to come forward and say something.

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