Explosion at Arlington business sends debris through company wall

Explosion at Arlington business sends debris through company wall

ARLINGTON, TN (WMC) - A large explosion took place at an Arlington business Wednesday morning.

Shelby County Fire Department and Arlington Fire Department rushed to Plasma Coatings on the 11400 block of Gulf Stream Road.

A large explosion at an Arlington business sent a cylinder shooting through a wall.

"I saw the flames coming out of the bay area and heard what sounded like a cannon going off," Connie Townsend said.

Wednesday morning, Townsend and other employees at Plasma Coating in Arlington rushed to safety after they say a machine processing a tumbler didn't vent fumes as usual.

"We got out seven minutes before the explosion," said Townsend. "I saw it explode i saw the ball of fire go through the plant."

Arlington Fire Chief James Harvill says after they put out the flames they saw just how much worse this could have been.

"You can see where the doors were blown off all the way out here," said Chief Harvill

No injuries were reported, however Harvill says one man was tended to by medical crews from the rush of the evacuation, but was released.

Townsend says they don't know what comes next for the plant but after seeing the damage she says it could've been much worse.

"It was a very close call. Feel lucky to be alive. And feel very thankful that we got out on time," she said.

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