Lakeland Board of Education discusses building high school

Lakeland Board of Education discusses building high school

LAKELAND, TN (WMC) - Parents came out to a special session of the Lakeland Board of Education for a topic that's been controversial for some time in the suburb — building the first ever Lakeland High School.

Teenagers in Lakeland currently go to Arlington High School.

"I'm here from the perspective of a parent who's concerned about smaller class sizes," said parent Debra Thomas.

Thomas is a former teacher and a parent of a fourth grader. She thinks a high school using potentially $30 million more dollars in bonds is a good use of tax dollars.

"I don't think a good public education should be limited to just certain people," Thomas said. "I think everybody should have access to the same education."

Not everyone agrees. One mother on Facebook said, "We already have the number one elementary and high school in the county. We will not sit by and let elected and appointed officials do whatever they want with our tax dollars."

Lakeland Superintendent Ted Horrell said he's heard some complaints but he mostly hears overwhelming support for the project.

"I hear from and they heard from a lot of parents that do want this to happen," Horrell said. "We think there's a lot of excitement for the project."

Lakeland just finished building a brand new middle school this year. City officials have expressed a desire to have children stay in the Lakeland School District from Pre-K up to grade 12.

"It's just about being a full-service school system, having local decisions and having our tax dollars go to a local school," Thomas said.

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