Mid-South teen hopes to enlist WWE star's help with prom-posal

Mid-South teen hopes to enlist WWE star's help with prom-posal

MUNFORD, TN (WMC) - A Mid-South high school student is looking to enlist some strong prom help.

Emily Blank from Munford High School is looking to take her friend Warren, who has special needs, to prom.

"He'll tease you and he'll play with you all the time," Emily said. "He treats you like you're one of his real friends and that's something that I love about him. He's so happy, and even on his worse days he'll come back and he'll laugh with you and he's a great person."

Emily is a student helper in the special needs class and has formed a unique friendship with Warren.

"Prom is a really special night and considering Warren this could be one of his last years, I want to make it really special," Emily said.

She wants the prom-posal to be as amazing as Warren, though, so she's hoping to enlist the help of WWE superstar John Cena.

Warren is a huge fan of wrestling, especially John Cena, and loves to do Cena's signature hand move. He even wrestles on the school team.

"From his lunch boxes to his pencils to his T-shirts, he's always coming in and saying, 'Hey Emily you can't see me!'" Emily said. "I always thought it would mean so much to him."

Emily has started a campaign on social media and their classmates have gotten behind the cause, creating more than 80,000 impressions on her tweet to John Cena.

"When I posted it, within two hours already so many people had retweeted it and reached out," Emily said. "And I think it's the fact that it's not something you would see a lot in a small town."

She's not asking for a lot. Emily said a simple video would mean everything.

With or without Cena's help, Emily said she's planning to tag-team Warren to prom. She just wants it to be as special as possible.

"Everybody deserves it," Emily said. "It doesn't matter what you look like or how you act. It's happiness!"

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