Woman pushes for change after SUV crashes into her home

Woman pushes for change after SUV crashes into her home

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - A mother and daughter are now worried living inside their home is unsafe.

"I just heard this big boom. So I grabbed her to run out the back door," said homeowner Yolonda Hill.

Hill and her 4-year-old daughter walked outside and learned that a car had crashed into their home Sunday night.

Thankfully Hill and her daughter weren't hurt, but with drivers speeding around the curve near Ball and Norris Roads she doesn't know if they'll ever truly feel safe again.

"A lot of accidents people run up into their yards and people hit the poles here in front of my home," she said.

Hill also said she has to watch out for other children here walking to nearby schools.

She said it's been so bad for so long some of her neighbors have poles in front of their homes as a barrier, and a mound on Hill's property was suppose to do the same.

Now she says something needs to be done to slow down these drivers.

Hill said the problem is that some drivers just don't care, so she'd like to see the city go to the next level.

"There should be speed bumps around here," she said.

She's hoping something can be done soon so she and her daughter can sleep better at night.

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