'Dream Team 2' set to defend accused murderer Sherra Wright

'Dream Team 2' set to defend accused murderer Sherra Wright
Sherra Wright appears before a Memphis judge for the first time.

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Two big questions remain after Sherra Wright appeared before a judge Monday. Will the prosecution seek the death penalty and will her defense team try to move the trial out of Memphis?

"We've read what's in the newspaper and seen what's on TV and we're excited to see what the real evidence is," attorney Blake Ballin said.

During her formal arraignment Monday, Blake Ballin and Steve Farese Jr. announced they have teamed up to defend Sherra Wright.

Blake and Steve Jr. are the sons of prominent Memphis defense attorneys Leslie Ballin and Steve Farese Sr. The fathers were dubbed the Memphis Dream Team when they defended Mary Winkler in the 2007 trial for the murder of her husband. Thanks to the work of the Dream Team, Winkler was convicted of voluntary manslaughter, instead of first-degree murder.

Sherra stood in court Monday morning and entered a plea of not guilty.

Following her plea, prosecuting attorney Paul Hagerman would not say whether the state plans to seek the death penalty.

"Things take time but I know it has taken too long to solve this case and too long to get it here," Hagerman said.

He said his team is still reviewing a load of old and new evidence.

"This is going to be a process getting there for the defense, for the state, for the courts," he said.

Lorenzen Wright's grandmother drove to Memphis from Oxford to see the woman she believes killed her grandson. Still, she said she does not want Sherra to get the death penalty.

"I don't want her to get the death penalty. Let her live and may God bless," Louise Vassar said.

Lorenzen's mother was not in the court during the first appearance. After the proceedings, she said she was happy that something was finally being done to find justice for her son.

"It's really hard, but I'm glad. I've been waiting seven years for this," Deborah Marion said.

After the court proceedings, Sherra's defense was asked about the speculation of wiretaps and recordings between Sherra and her co-defendant Billy Ray Turner.

"Until we actually see it and see whether it's printed or recorded material and we hear it and are able to make our own interpretation, it's dangerous to try to paint yourself in a corner and say this evidence exists or doesn't exists," Farese Jr. said.

With social media driving several theories about Lorenzen's murder, Ballin said jury selection will be a challenge and that the defense might ask for a different venue.

"We're going to be very careful and making sure that the 12 people making decisions in this case are not ones out there posting who have already formed an opinion," Ballin said. "Change of venue, it's possible that we will ask the judge to consider that."

Sherra is set to be back in court on March 19.

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