Memphis student gets accepted into Yale

Memphis student gets accepted into Yale

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - Devin Foster's classmates erupted into cheers after seeing his Yale University acceptance letter.

"I always live by the principle that I try to do things that my ancestors couldn't do," high school senior Devin Foster said.

No one in Foster's family or at Power Center Academy has ever been accepted into an Ivy League School before he applied.

"I said why not, I'm smart enough. I believe in myself enough so I went for it and I did it," he said.

Power Center Academy is a Gestalt charter school located in the Mendenhall Square Plaza, and they serve around 700 students in Hickory Hill.

"It was really good because you get that good interpersonal relationship with your teacher and they really helped me along the way and I have good friends too," Foster said.

He's proud of the challenges he's overcome.

"At other big schools, other people that apply to all Ivy Leagues have a lot more AP classes so we suffer from that being in a low-income community and a different school," he said.

He and his classmates mapped out the universities they aimed to attend.

"Lots of hours, countless hours studying the ACT and reading and everything," Foster said. "We had to write essays, interviews, it took forever, like weeks."

Foster will have to wait one more week before he finds out if he will be granted a Bill And Melinda Gates Scholarship that will finance his full ride at Yale.

He has this message for other students with big dreams.

"You can do it. As long as you have someone backing you up or you have confidence within yourself you can do it."

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