Man who stopped Waffle House shooter says he's no hero

Man who stopped Waffle House shooter says he's no hero

ANTIOCH, TN (WMC) - One of the victims of the Waffle House shooting is being praised for his heroic actions.

Police said there's no doubt James Shaw, Jr. saved many people's lives at that Waffle House.

Shaw said he ended up at that particular Waffle House because the first one he and his friend went to was too crowded.

He said after they sat down, he heard the gunshots, which he thought was one of the kitchen workers breaking a dish.

He quickly realized it was more serious than that, so he and his friend ran for cover near the restroom.

As the shooting continued, he realized he had to do something.

"I was just kind of like, he's going to get us either way--or he's going to get me either way it goes--so I was just waiting for an opportunity," Shaw said. "I was just waiting for a chance. So, when I saw the barrel down, I just saw my opportunity and I attacked."

That's when Shaw rushed through the door, knocking the gunman to the ground. He wrestled the gun away from him and threw it over the counter.

The gunman then ran out of the store.

A bullet grazed Shaw's upper arm and he suffered a second-degree burn from grabbing the barrel of the gun.

The Waffle House CEO and others praised the 29-year-old, but he insists he's no hero. He said he was just doing what he had to do to stay alive.

On the same day he tackled a gunman and wrestled away his weapon away, Shaw started a GoFundMe campaign for the families of the victims.

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