Waffle House shooting hero honored on ‘Ellen’ show

Waffle House shooting hero honored on ‘Ellen’ show

(WMC) - The man who wrestled the gun away from an active shooter inside a Tennessee Waffle House appeared on the "Ellen" show Wednesday.

James Shaw Jr. recounted the tragic events and talked about his split-second decision to charge the gunman after one of the bullets grazed his arm.

"So the whole hero thing, I don't have a problem with this that if you are in that same situation I want you to know that a regular guy did it and I want you to emulate that same thing and know you have that fire inside yourself," Shaw said.

Four people were killed inside the Waffle House.

Days after the shooting, a journalist started a GoFundMe for Shaw and his daughter.

Ellen surprised Shaw with the donations from the campaign and an additional $20,000 courtesy of Shutterfly for a total of $225,000.

But the biggest surprise of the show may have come at the hands of Shaw's favorite NBA star, Dwayne Wade.

"I as well have a check for you from me for $20,000 as well," Wade said. "I knew Ellen was doing something and I couldn't be outdone so I wanted to make sure I matched it as well from me and my family."

Besides his daughter, Shaw said his favorite thing is basketball.

He said he wants to take this fame and bring awareness to the country's mental health disorders.

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