Death Valley endures hottest month ever recorded in US

US sets record for hottest month ever recorded

(WMC) - The heat has backed off some across the Mid-South, but it has soared across the west for the last month.

Temperatures were so high in Death Valley, California, they set a new record for the hottest month ever recorded in the United States with an average high of 108°. The previous record was set last year at just over 107°.

Though Death Valley is typically the hottest place in the U.S., the average high is usually around 102° in July, making it a full 6 degrees above average over the last month.

The heat really soared from July 24th to 27th. The high on all four days hit 127 degrees setting records on all four days. This was not far from the highest temperature measurement in recent decades of 129 set on June 30, 2013.

The high temperature hit at least 120 degrees on 21 days, shooting past the normal high of 116.5 degrees. Another wild statistic, the overnight low did not drop below 100° for 10 days in July.

The measurements come from Furnace Creek, in the heart of the valley, at 190 feet below sea level. The location famously holds the record for hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth of 134 degrees on July 10, 1913.

However, that measurement is still in question. Some climatologists believe the 129-degree temperature recorded in June 2013 is the highest temperature reliably measured there and anywhere on the planet, for that matter.

Unfortunately, the heat won't back down much in the desert southwest through mid-August with temperatures staying above average with no real break in sight.

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