Breakdown: Why more tornadoes occur in the U.S than any other country

Breakdown: Why more tornadoes occur in the U.S than any other country

The United States has more tornadoes than any other country in the world. On average, there are over 1,000 tornadoes a year in the United States.

The No. 2 spot goes to Canada, who holds a distant second with an average of 80 to 100 tornadoes per year.

The perfect recipe for tornadic storms is here in the U.S.

The close proximity of the Gulf of Mexico, a constant supply of warm air from the southwest, cold air from Canada and the Northern Rockies, an active jet stream, and a continual supply of low pressure systems coming of the leeward side of the Rockies makes for all the ingredients to produce supercell thunderstorms that are capable of producing tornadoes.

When all of these elements come together in the atmosphere, tornado genesis is possible, and the perfect place for this activity happens to be in the U.S., but more specifically in the Great Plains, or "Tornado Alley" as it's often referred to.

Although we've experienced the most tornadoes, tornadoes can occur just about anywhere on the planet. Tornadoes have formed in South America, Europe, Western Asia, China, and even South Africa.

The deadliest tornado occurred in Bangladesh on April 26, 1989 where a  single tornado killed 1,300 people and injured 12,000 as it made a ten mile path through that country.

When it comes to the frequency of tornadoes it's all about the ingredients and unfortunately, the U.S. has all these ingredients to create a recipe for disaster.

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