Racial graffiti spotted on desk at Collierville High School

Racial graffiti spotted on desk at Collierville High School

COLLIERVILLE, TN (WMC) - Parents at Collierville High School are upset after racially-charged vandalism was spotted on a desk at school.

School administrators were told about graffiti on a desk that spelled out the n-word.

After investigating, they determined two 10th-grade students were responsible.

Both students accepted blame and said they had no intent to harass or intimidate any student.

Collierville Schools said the two students were disciplined for their actions. They released the following statement on the issue:

"Collierville Schools in no way condones the behaviors of the students involved in this incident. Their actions reflect neither the values of Collierville Schools nor those of the greater Collierville community. The swift response of the administrative team at Collierville High School to this incident should reassure all stakeholders of the determination of Collierville Schools to offer safe, welcoming, and equitable environments for all students, employees, and visitors at all of our schools."

Linwood Dillard, the father of the 10th grader who found the racial slur, is now calling for more education on racism to all students in the district.

"It's 2018 and our daughter is being subjected to this," Dillard said. "It kind of knocked us off our feet."

Dillard said despite reporting the graffiti to her teacher, the family was never contacted by Collierville Schools.

He claims a post on Instagram on Monday night launched the district's investigation.

"Racism is still real, no matter what the motivation or passion behind writing these kinds of words may have been it's unacceptable," Dillard said.

Tuesday afternoon, Dillard met with Collierville High School Principal Chip Blanchard.

According to Dillard, the school's investigation determined it was not a targeted attack against his daughter.

In a statement from the district, the two 10th-grade friends–one white, the other African American–were disciplined for their involvement.

Still, Dillard believes this issue proves there is a need for more education on racism in Collierville schools.

"I think the school system has thrown racism in the smorgasbord of things like dress code and homework assignments, but racism is on a whole other level," Dillard said.

Dillard also mentioned that the graffiti on his daughter's desk was not the first issue of racial slurs found on school property.

Last August, a pastor's SUV in the now West Collierville School parking lot was found with the "n-word" spray-painted on the SUV.

Two teens were charged for that vandalism.

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