Breakdown: Why it sometimes rains when the sun is shining

Breakdown: Why it rains when the sun is shining

(WMC) - Have you ever wondered why the sun is shining while it's raining?

As a meteorologist, I have heard some strange answers to the reason why. One of the most popular reasons that I've heard is "the devil is beating his wife."

While I cannot confirm that, I will tell you the scientific reasoning behind the cool phenomenon.

Several people refer to this phenomenon as a sunshower. Let's first talk about a few facts regarding sunshowers.

First, sunshowers usually occur in the spring and summer. There usually is some instability, which just means fuel for showers and storms and differential heating because air will be rising in some spots producing clouds and showers.

Meanwhile in another area, there may be air sinking, which would lead to more stability and less clouds. One good hole in the clouds is sometimes enough that the sun can penetrate through. That is how you can get rain and sun in the same area.

Other times you may get rain and sunshine when the suspended drops are carried by the wind into a place that is dry.

Another reason is that rain drops have a long way to fall, so sometimes they are still falling as the clouds are starting to clear.

I hope that this gives you some insight on sunshowers.

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