Mid-South teens' shocking internet behavior

Tonight, teen online secrets are exposed.

Action News 5 found shocking websites where teenagers tell all, and sometimes show all. In this special report, Mid-South parents can learn what their kids are doing for the world wide web to see.

On websites like MySpace.com and Xanga.com, Mid-South teens are creating personal websites many parents would find shocking.

We found a picture of a 17-year-old Memphis girl in a bikini, next to the comment "take my pants off." Her likes: "dancing in my underwear" and "grindin'." She also provided a variety of ways to contact her.

One 16-year-old Collierville girl's quote includes "be sexy" ... "be wild." Below each picture, the opportunity to leave a comment. We found comments like "I'd hit that" and "I'd wanna ride that" And that's just what we can reprint.

The sites belonging to local kids are seemingly endless.

One Germantown teen says he drinks alcohol and a 15-year-old boy appears shirtless.

Some Collierville area friends appear in a photo together and the comment left by a Collierville boy is beyond pornographic.

Local school leaders -- like Shelby County Schools Computer specialist John Simi says most parents are not aware of what their teens are doing online.

"No they're not. It's actually pretty shocking to them," he said.

"Very shocked," was Terry's reaction when she first navigated MySpace.com. Her eighth grade son has an account. "Very sexually explicit information. Very detailed and some graphic things that's inappropriate for a 14-year-old child."

That's why Terry -- she didn't want to give her last name -- and dozens of other parents came to an informational meeting recently at Collierville Middle school.

David's 13-year old daughter has a Myspace.com account.

We asked him if he was comfortable with his daughter's on Myspace.com?

"Not totally, I mean it's going to (need) some editing of things on a regular basis," he said.

Are kids in danger establishing pages like these?

Last month, convicted sex offender Peter Vermilye was arrested behind Collierville Elementary School after hooking up with a 15-year-old boy on a similar site.

His mother found suspicious emails in his backpack. His parents took action. John Simi says other parents need to know what their teens are doing online.

"They go in their room at eight or nine at night they close the door and the parents have no idea what it is that they're looking at online," he said.

Or worse, who is looking at them.

Here's are some things parents can do: Keep computers in common areas. Don't allow them in bedrooms. Talk to kids about what sites they visit. Teach teens not to "chat" with someone they don't know. Keep your teens computer passwords and check their accounts.