District 29 election controversy continues

More than 40 Memphis voters will soon receive a notice in the mail. A state senate committee wants all of these people to prove they live in District 29.

"I do, I live in District 29," says Mary Stidham.

Stidham says she has done so for nearly 30 years. She's called her current house "home" for the last three years. The Shelby County Election Commission confirms that Ms. Stidham's house is in District 29.

"I voted correctly, I voted for who I wanted to vote for, in the right district," says Stidham.

She has no idea how her name made it onto the challenged vote list. It's something with which Mary Stidham takes offense.

"Yes I do," says Stidham.

Other names might be here for a reason. We tracked down two of them in Raleigh, another in Frayser. Both areas are near the line, but not in District 29.

"If they don't live in the right district, they should not vote for that particular person that is running in that district," says Stidham.

Stidham might have it figured out. Others on the list might not have. Most of those tracked down by Action News 5 did not want to talk on camera.