Commission works to certify Tuesday's elections

Thousands of people cast their vote Tuesday, but the primary isn't over yet. Shelby County Election Commissioners have to get their official tally before they can certify the results.

Wednesday at Election Commission Headquarters, Democrats and Republicans checked locks on provisional ballot boxes before they hand-counted the ballots.

All of the cartridges will be downloaded from the electronic voting machines to verify those votes.

"There are some issues that are beyond our control in terms of being able to maintain 100% accurate files form voting lists, the biggest of which is it's predicated on the honesty of the public," said Greg Duckett, chairman of the Election Commission.

After problems with the Senate District 29 special election, commissioners added safeguards to their process. Poll workers had extra training, and the commission took extra steps to verify information about voters.

Commissioners say turnout for the primary was typical, in spite of the District 29 election controversy.

"I think people still want to vote and they know that their vote will count and they have confidence that it will and it does," said Election Commissioner Richard Holden. "So the people that are informed still turn out."

Every single one of their votes will be double-checked before the election is certified.