NBA Fines Nowitzki for Flagrant Foul vs Pau

Thanks a lot, NBA!

The League just zapped Dirk Nowitzki $15-Grand for a Flagrant Foul on Pau Gasol during the Grizzlies-Mavericks Playoff series..

A fat lot of good it's going to do now.

The play happened with just more than 6-minutes left in the second quarter of Game 4 at FedExForum Monday night.

Nowitzki plowed over Pau with an Elbow trying to get position.

The referees only called it a personal foul at the time... Not a Technical.

It was just one physical play of many in the series...

Mostly by the Mavs...

Mike Miller had has nose nearly rearranged by a wild slap from Erick Dampier in game 4...

Nowitzki in Game three was called for a flagrant foul when he tried stopping Gasol on a drive with a minute left in overtime.

Replays showed he got ball, and not just going at Pau..and the League rescinded the call.

Grizzlies team President Jerry West says the Grizzlies need to show the same kind of Moxie to win in the post season.