Memphis City Council member robbed

Tajuan Stout Mitchell is used to seeing her name in the newspaper but not a police report, "I'm scared of crime in this city."

Mitchell was at this Exxon station last Friday when her purse was stolen, "I turned around and my car door had been opened. He had run out with my purse, jumped into another car."

Taken was a designer purse and pen.

But of more value to her was a mother's day gift for her mom, "I just lost my brother suddenly. We buried him a few weeks ago. I wanted to give her something special with his picture on it and a charm bracelet with his picture and it is gone."

Mitchell's having trouble sleeping and says this has made her more aware of crime in Memphis, "I can be honest and tell you I'm scared to eath."

Mitchell has asked city leaders for a crime review, "I want to know how many is there, is there an increase in that kind of crime. What is being done to educate a population of women."

She may be shaken but Mitchell still has her sense of humor, "The police officer asked me, 'Well, did you get your gas? I said, no, one robbery a day is enough for me."