Armed robberies are on the rise in Memphis

Tonight, Memphis police investigators say the number of people being robbed in the city is on the rise.

How likely are you to be robbed in Memphis? Police investigators say the numbers are up and everyone is vulnerable.

Investigators with the Memphis Police Robbery Division have noticed a spike in the seen in the number of individuals who have been robbed this year. And, since no two crimes are alike there is no one solution to the problem.

Since the first day of May Memphis Police officers responded to 197 reports of individuals being robbed. Crimes that are being committed in every area of the city at any hour of the day.

"They are up in general. Yes, that's an easy answer," said Lt. Mickey Williams, of the Memphis police.

What's not so easy to answer is what makes someone more likely to become a victim.

"All the communities around are experiencing the same thing. The criminals are going to go where they think they're going to have a success," he said.

Incident reports for this month suggest that success is often strengthened by weapons like AK47s, SKS rifles, shotguns and hand guns.

One victim was followed to her home in the evening. Another was leaving his apartment building in the morning. Two were at fast food drive through windows. Several were getting their nails done at an East Memphis salon.

What's not so easy to answer is what makes someone more likely to become a victim.

"Somebody happens to see you in a car that they like they like, it may match their car...they may need parts for a damaged car," he said.

Investigators can offer safety tips but can't always explain to a victim why they were targeted.

"Criminals have different motivations and until you catch the person that did it and talk to them and get inside their heads, you're not really going to know," he said.

In the meantime prevention starts with facing the fact that it could happen to you.

Lt. Williams says the increase in incidents isn't unique to Memphis. He says it's happening throughout the country.