Police investigate serial rape case

Two victims identified 21 year old Joshua Beadle as their attacker.

Police say on May 4th a 12 year old girl staying at this Motel 6 in the Memphis Medical District left her room just after midnight to get some ice.

She says Beadle approached her and forced her into another room on the opposite side of the motel.

Once inside the room the little girl told police that Beadle fondled her but she managed to fight him off and run outside.

She alerted a security guard who then confronted Beadle and tried to detain him but he got away.

Less than a week later a woman living in this apartment building on Adams says Beadle was standing in the lobby when she came home at around 11:30 at night.

Minutes later he allegedly forced his way into her apartment, demanded money, forced her to perform various sex acts and then raped her.

When police arrested Beadle two days later he admitted being inside the motel room with a minor but denied ever touching her.

Beadle is charged with aggravated burglary, robbery, rape, attempted rape and aggravated sexual battery.