Man escapes carjacking, fire

A Mid-South man escaped a carjacking, after the carjackers tied him to the car, and set it on fire.

It happened around 5 o'clock Wednesday morning. The victim, on his way home after working a graveyard shift was stopped at the intersection of Shelby Drive and Tchulahoma, when he says two men approached.

The victim told police one man pointed a silver colored revolver at him while the other man got into the backseat of the victim's car.

The victim told police the men made him drive from Shelby and Tchulahoma to Holmes Road and Swinnea Road, where they tied him to the luggage rack, poured gasoline around the car, and set it on fire.

According to the police report, the victim "somehow got away" and walked to his home nearby off Tchulahoma Road where a relative called police.

Police describe the victim's injuries as abrasions to his legs, but family members tell me he was actually burned and has a broken wrist.

A spokesperson for Memphis Police tells Action News 5 they have received new information in this case that they are looking into, but could not comment further.