Neighbors react to latest homicide

A Southeast Memphis community is looking for ways to protect its children after a gruesome discovery Friday morning. A motel maid found a man dead in his room at the DeLuxe Inn and Suites on Lamar. Another worker there called it a bloodbath.

Police say there is little information to go on, but this isn't the first time they've been called there. The Shelby County D.A. Shut down the Deluxe Inn in 2004, calling it a nuisance after repeated reports of drug activity and prostitution.

Less than two weeks earlier, at Motel 78 down the street, police found two men shot dead in a room and one in critical condition outside.

"The neighborhood we're in, there are already a lot of drugs going on around here and you've got prostitutes and all of that stuff going on," said neighbor Christian Lofton.

Jessie Buckley pastors at Abounding Grace church around the corner from the Friday morning crime scene. He's worried by how often he hears about the violence.

"We need more people to be concerned in the neighborhood. More things need to be done," he said.

Neighbors say the children nearby have no community center, so they're constantly exposed to the harsh realities of the streets. Realities like whatever took place at the Deluxe Inn Friday morning. "They could be misled just like that. So quick. There are so many people out here that are not in the right state of mind, you know? There's a lot of stuff going on out here that Children do not need to be around," Lofton added.

The pastor says police can only do so much because it takes community participation.

Call Memphis Police at 528-CASH if you know anything about this crime.