Group says new developments could save Libertyland

This time of year, Libertyland is usually open, the Pippin is zippin and the carousel is crooning.

But now, the gates are locked and the park is closed.

But Steve Mulroy, the head of the "Save Libertyland" says that could change quickly, "T-Rex has said it could open the park within two weeks."

T-Rex is the company that wants to pay the city 10,000 dollars a month to lease Libertyland and use it's own money to renovate the park.

So far, the Mid-South Fair board has said no to that proposal but  Tuesday night, the Memphis City Council stripped the board of its park power. Mulroy says that could change the fate of the park, "The city is in charge. They'll be in charge of the land and they'll be in charge of all the rides. We can deal with the city about moving forward."

Robert Barnard heads T-Rex and is in the process of opening another defunct park in Kansas.

He says the new developments could get the park up and running by July, if he gets the ok, "We know their maintenance has been maintained because they were scheduled to have an auction on June 21 and to do that you need to have the rides operational."

Barnard says corporate sponsors must promise to rent the park as they have in the past and he wants to keep the park open longer, "We'll run a Halloween event through the month of October and then we'll run a holiday with lights in December."

Barnard says he's ready to dive into that plan if the city will take the plunge with him.

T-Rex has taken over and turned around several amusement parks around the country.

Several city council members said the park should be given one last chance especially since no public money would go into the project and more than 600 inner city teens work here every summer.