World Cup excitement comes to Memphis

At the Celtic Crossing bar in Memphis' Cooper Young district, the beer was cold and the food was hot for dozens of soccer fans who showed up early to watch FIFA World Cup soccer matches on television.

Manager Josephone Dalahunty said she opened the bar early so fans could get into their game day spirits.

"Irish, English, and Americans, no matter what nationality they will be here drinking and partying," she said.

Mid-south fans are paying extra attention to this year's world cup because this year's United States team is the strongest in team history.

"I was in New York for the last World Cup, so this is a great atmosphere to watch the game," said soccer fan John Benton.

For some watching, the Czech score on Memphis was painful (a 3-0 loss), however fans didn't lose their enthusiasm for the U.S. Team and its players. For them it was good enough to see the United States soccer team competing in the most widely watched soccer tournament in the world.

The next game for the United States soccer team comes Saturday afternoon against Italy.

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