Memphis councilmen call for federal investigation

The $250 million FedExForum was built on time, but some say on a foundation of doubt.

"There was either mis-appropriation, mis-management, or fraud," says Memphis Councilman Myron Lowery.

Councilmen Lowery and E.C. Jones call the forum a good investment and an economic engine less than a block off Beale. They just want an accurate accounting of the money spent to build it.

"We are calling for a federal investigation," says Jones.

The call comes a week after the state demanded a $6 million reimbursement from the city, claiming the parking garage adjacent to the forum was not built the way it was supposed to be built.

"If nothing was illegal, if it was a simple mistake--why is the state asking for the money back from the city?" asks Lowery.

Neither Lowery or Jones are casting blame, but are quick to say the Public Building Authority had oversight. A federal investigation might determine if someone "dropped the ball."

"Somebody needs to accept responsibility for this and we need to get to the bottom of it," says Lowery.

"If it's proven that someone did something that's not right, they need to be brought before the courts and indicted," says Jones.

Then these city leaders say they will no longer feel the need to cry "foul."

No word on when the US Attorney might make a decision regarding this request for an investigation. Action News 5 attempted to get reaction from officials with the Public Building Authority. Our repeated phone calls were not returned.