Only on 5: Winkler defense seeks help from forensic psychologist

When she appeared in court Wednesday, Mary Winkler's attorneys described her as being more upbeat and helpful to them.

A marked difference, says Leslie Ballin, from just a few weeks before, "Early on, she was not communicative with us, she was depressed. Mary Carol was not in a good place emotionally."

Leslie Ballin credits that change to Winkler seeing Jackson based forensic psychologist Dr. Lynn Zager.

Ballin says Zager is helping Winkler emotionally as well as prepare for her October trial, "A forensic psychologist would be vital to explain to the jury how that person got to the place and time of the event."

Winkler is charged with shooting her husband, Matthew, to death in March.

Memphis based forensic psychologist Dr. Rebecca Caperton-Rutledge told us what she would ask a client like Winkle, "Everything from getting histories from childhood to all the way up, education, work, drugs, alcohol. Whether there's been any abuse."

So what would an attorney or prosecutor ask Caperton-Rutledge in court, "What tests did you perform? Why did you do that, what did you come up with, what does that mean?"

Ballin says he expects the forensic psychologist to find Winkler competent to stand trial and that he won't seek an insanity defense.