Brazen homeowner catches burglar in the act

Bond, James Bond. This Memphian shares his name with the fictional spy and has battled his own bad guy. A burglar entered Bond's home around 2:00 Wednesday morning.

"I got a youngest daughter, five, still scared to death," says Bond.

Bond says his 15 year-old daughter first spotted the intruder walking through the house with a flashlight. She alerted her dad, who was working in the back-yard at the time. He confronted the crook in the kitchen.

"He was headed out--trying to get out the door when I was going in it," says Bond. "I jumped on him," he adds.

Bond says he then chased the suspect through the house.

"He kept hollering that he was going to shoot me, but I never see a weapon," says Bond.

Bond grabbed a butcher knife from a cutlery set and stabbed the man. The pursuit then moved outside, down the driveway, and into a neighbor's yard.

"I called 911 while I was chasing him around that truck," says Bond.

Bond was able to stab the man again as he got back onto his bicycle and fled down the street.

"He left a blood trail down the street--he was hurt," says Bond.

He hopes those injuries make the suspect easier for police to find. Meantime, Bond says he'll take matters into his own hands again, if necessary.

"If somebody goes into my house in the middle of the night, yea," says Bond.

Memphis Police believe the burglar hit another home just a few blocks away minutes before entering the Bond home.

They say he may be responsible for nearly a dozen home burglaries in the area over the last two weeks.

Anyone with any information should call Crime-Stoppers at 528-CASH.