Family mourns after girl dies in fire

A family is recovering after a devastating fire sent them to area hospitals and killed their daughter.

The fire broke out Saturday at the home of the Milner family, on Rockingham Drive in Southaven.

Both parents, an older brother, a grandmother, and a cousin were hurt in the fire.  Friends tell us Madison Milner's family is getting better every day, but it will be a long time before they recover from the loss of their beloved little girl.

Cassell Richardson said he did everything he could to help his neighbors get Madison out of the burning house.

"I knew we had to find her," Richardson said. "You know, we called her from this end, called her from that end, and we didn't get no response from her."
It was early Saturday morning.  As flames gutted the home, smoke and heat made it impossible to get inside.

"As the family came out, the window was popping on this side. You know, bursting out, Richardson said. "It was rough."

Investigators said the fire started in a room in the house that had been converted from a carport to normal living space.  Firefighters eventually found the 8-year-old, unconscious, in a bedroom closet.
She died three days later.

Neighbor Teresa Mitchell said the Milner family was clinging to each other, and to God, after losing the little girl.

"I think if it was not for him, things could have been a lot worse," she Mitchell said. "Not that they're not bad enough, but I do feel like God is the reason why they're at the point where they are where they can be together."

Together to mourn their little girl, and to try to move on.