Memphis City School board discusses cell phone policy

The debate began Monday night during the public comment session of the school board meeting.

Former substitute teacher Arnold Weiner says, "To allow cell phone use is gonna lead to a total breakdown of discipline.  It is something we have got to defeat.  It's a stupid idea and it's got to be defeated tonight."

Arnold Weiner says students threatened him with violence when he was a substitute teacher for Memphis City Schools years ago.
He says gang members used cell phones to incite more violence.
Commissioners went back and forth about either making a decision now or later.

School board member Deni Hirsh says, "The policy we have is unenforceable.  We need to put more teeth into it and send it back to the committee."

Tamika Hart, school board member, says, "It is time that we vote.  We can't keep putting it off until two or three people decide if they're gonna vote one way or the other."

With Superintendent Carol Johnson out, Lewis spoke on her behalf saying that she urged the board to come to a conclusion at this meeting.
After about an hour on the table the board voted 6 to 1 to keep the school cell phone ban in effect.