Mother of police chase victim speaks out

Family photos show a smiling child who grew up to be a responsible mother of three.

Alicia Leslie says it was drugs that led her daughter, Alicia Caldwell, to be in the passenger seat of this stolen Honda on June 15th.

Her daughter's two year downward drug spiral ended with a twist no mother should have to witness.

Leslie says, "I was there when she came into this world and I was there when she left."
After a wild police chase with the stolen Honda weaving in and out of oncoming traffic, the car carrying Alicia's daughter crashed at Winchester and Air Park---ironically less than a tenth of a mile from where Ms. Leslie works.

"...Me and some other employees went and looked out the window. And we watched this unfold. I saw them put her in the ambulance, covered up. But I didn't know it was my daughter," continues Leslie.  
Police charged 29 years old Tommy Johnson with vehicular homicide in the death of Alicia Caldwell. Police say the pair had carjacked the Honda June 5th and robbed someone on the lot of a fast food restaurant June 15th, prompting the wild chase. What has Alicia Leslie angry now is an effort by her daughter's estranged husband.

Leslie continues, "To think that someone would try to exploit her death and benefit from her death is beyond me."
Ms. Leslie says her daughter's ex is considering a wrongful death suit because of the way police handled the chase.

"...I just don't understand how the police department can do their job if everybody is going to try to sue them for things like this. She was in the wrong, regardless of what she's done, she was in the wrong," Leslie says. 
Ms. Leslie says no lawsuit is warranted in a case where police did their best to save a daughter she loved to the end.