Car thefts on the rise in Memphis

Robert Williams is pretty proud of his new pickup. 
He bought it two weeks ago after someone stole his old one from the Hickory Ridge Mall parking lot.

Auto theft victim Robert Williams says, "It was crazy, I mean, because security was right there on the parking lot.  It was like security was like two rows away from where my truck was getting stolen."

After analyzing THOUSANDS of reported auto theft cases, our investigation found Robert Williams' truck was just one of more than 16-thousand vehicles stolen in Memphis since January 2004.
Digging deeper I found more cars are stolen from the Hickory Ridge Mall parking lot than anywhere else in the City of Memphis.
140 thefts in the last two and a half years -- despite security cameras and stepped up patrols.

Hickory Ridge Mall General Manager Patrick Jacobs says, "Some would say the security measures that you're taking here aren't working.  Well, it's a situation where we must keep trying, obviously."

Turns out the mall sits at the center of the City's auto theft HOT SPOT -- the police department's Ward 330 seen here on pinpoint five pathfinder.
Our investigation uncovered 974 car thefts in the ward around the mall since January 2004.
Jacobs continues, "We are concerned about it for the fact of taking care of problems that our customers might face."

We found other areas with the same problem.  Ward 232 had 742 car thefts in the last two and a half years.  On the other side of Raines Road, Ward 230 had 635.

Robert Williams continues, "People work, pay for their vehicle and stuff and somebody just come along and take it."

Especially if you're parking in one of the city's theft HOT SPOTS!