Police involved in overnight pursuit

The Memphis Police Department and Shelby County Sheriff's Department were involved in a high speed pursuit early Tuesday morning.

The chase left four police cars riddled with bullet holes, and two suspects in custody.  Police said the chase started near Trinity and Germantown Road around 3:40 Tuesday morning, when they stopped what they described as a suspicious pick-up truck with two men inside.
As an officer got out of his car, a window in the truck slid open and a semi-automatic rifle appeared.

"They start firing at the officers, such that they came close to killing the officer," said police spokesperson Sgt. Vince Higgins.
The officer was able to fall to the ground and avoid being hit.

The first bullet pierced the roof, others went through the windshield, took the top off the steering wheel, hit the headrest and even the blue lights.

The pick-up truck took off but didn't get far before encountering another squad car, where they again opened fire.  The police officer was able to lay sideways in his seat to avoid bullets, one of which would have hit his head had a metal cage not stopped it.
Police chased the truck to a subdivision near Walnut Grove and Forest Hill-Irene.  The two men in the truck were caught when they ran into a dead end.

"They were armed with armor piercing rounds," Higgins said. "Fully automatic weapons were recovered as well as a hand gun. And this was a close call for law enforcement."
Police said they believe the men may be responsible for a string of burglaries at businesses near where the chase started.