Cordova residents furious with speeding drivers

Residents of a Cordova neighborhood are furious with speeding drivers, who they say are taking out their cars and putting them in danger.

Friday morning, Erika Lingard walked out of her home, near the intersection of Timbercreek and Cully, to find someone had smashed into and totaled her car.

"I was crying," Lingard said. "I was devastated."

It was the second time it had happened to Lingard's household in the past three months.

Neighbor Robin Vera said people speed through the 4-way stop and Timbercreek and Cully, and then fly down her street.  "They're using this residential street as Germantown Parkway," she said. "They're going 50-70 miles per hour. They've got to go that fast when they're pushing these cars two or three links down the road."
It is easy to see damage when walking through Vera's neighborhood, from a smashed mailbox on a sidewalk, to yards embedded with tire marks.  Vera said she was less concerned about her car being damaged than she was about a speeding car jumping the sidewalk and landing in her home.

"Something needs to be done," she said.  "Speed bumps or something."

Vera said she has spoken with police, and plans to contact city manager next in hopes that something can be done.