EXCLUSIVE: Man convicted of triple murder says he was framed

A Mid-South man convicted of triple murder in South Memphis says he was framed.

Tony Carruthers sits on Death Row convicted of killing a Memphis woman, her son, and his best friend then dumping their bodies at the Rose Hill Cemetery in 1994.

Prosecutors say Carruthers' victims were buried alive. Action News 5 reporter Janice Broach sat down for an exclusive interview with the man accused of the murders.

The murders at Rose Hill Cemetery were some of the most shocking in Memphis history. Three people tossed in a grave and covered up with a coffin.

It sounds like a mob movie but it happened right here in Memphis. One of the men convicted in the killings, says he was set up.

Brushy Mountain Correctional Complex in East Tennessee is a maximum security prison with one of the Mid-South's most infamous death row inmates inside.

Tony Carruthers talks for the first time from death row.

Carruthers says he was framed for the murders of Delois Anderson, her son Marcellous and friend Frederick Tucker - all acquaintances of Carruthers.

When asked if the murders were gruesome, Carruthers says, "absolutely, but I wasn't there."

Two were shot, one was strangled.

In a 1996 interview, Former Medical Examiner O.C. Smith said that none of the victim's wounds were fatal.

Autopsies showed the victims were still alive when Carruthers and two other men buried them in a grave at Rose Hill Cemetery.

"Dirt had been impacted into her nose and mouth," said Prosecutor Jerry Harris. "The proof will show you that Anderson died in that grave. She was alive when she was put into that grave," added Harris.

The grave was prepared for a funeral the following day at Rose Hill. A coffin was actually placed on top of the bodies.

Video shows investigators exhuming that coffin after one of the men charged with Carruthers told investigators where the bodies were buried.

A drawing shows how the bodies were stacked on top of each other in a two-foot deep space.

Jerry Harris prosecuted Carruthers and Joseph Daily was the judge in the case.

Carruthers defended himself after running off six court-appointed attorneys.

Judge Daily told Carruthers in 1996, "I've tried over and over to get lawyers in here for you. And over and over you have succeeded in threatening and running them away."

Larry Copeland is Carruthers' current attorney, "Tony is by far the most intelligent defendant I have ever represented. He's on top of his game."

"Carruthers doesn't like Copeland either, "Larry Copeland is a crook. Larry Copeland needs to be disbarred," says Carruthers.

Carruthers has spent much of his time on Death Row peppering the courts with legal documents he frequently held up during the interview.

"I feel like Jerry Harris and Judge Dailey should be arrested for me having execution dates. That's how I feel," adds Carruthers.

Its an execution Carruthers believes will never happen, "I'm not going to get executed, Ms. Broach. I'm happy."

Carruthers couldn't seem to explain how he was framed. He would only say he was prosecuted for political gain and he adamantly denies being involved in the murders.

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