Pool attendant faces charges, council pledges tougher background checks

Former Memphis City pool attendant Timothy Payne faced a judge Tuesday on charges of aggravated rape and criminal exposure to HIV. Police say Payne may have assaulted several women.

Payne is HIV positive and may have known he was spreading the virus to his victims.

The latest accusation is that he offered a 17-year-old girl a ride home from the pool and then raped her.

A judge has reset Payne's hearing for September 23.

Background checks for employees didn't always include seasonal or temporary workers. As a result, Payne was hired as a pool worker despite his criminal history.

Memphis City Council has now approved tougher background checks.

"We need to make sure that not only are we doing background checks, but we're doing follow up investigations to make sure that we're protecting the public when they're coming onto city assets," said councilman Shea Flinn.

Council members say the hiring process will continue to evolve.