District Attorney's office fights back against domestic violence

Bill Gibbons
Bill Gibbons

MEMPHIS, TN (WMC-TV) - According to the Shelby County District Attorney's office, the Mid-South is in the middle of a domestic violence crisis. Now, District Attorney Bill Gibbons said Thursday, he wants to do something about it.

Inside the courtrooms of 201 Poplar, the Gibbons' office worked nearly 4,000 domestic violence cases last year.   This year, the number of domestic violence murders have doubled in percentage, and 12 children have died in domestic violence incidents.

The two most recent young victims died this past Saturday after their mom's boyfriends are accused of murder.

Because of these startling numbers, prosecutors, investigators, and social workers all gathered inside a small auditorium Thursday afternoon.

Gibbons said he does not have any easy answers, but knows exactly why it needs to stop.

"Violence in the home is a problem whether it's against a spouse or a live-in girlfriend or boyfriend or against the children," Gibbons said. "It goes hand in hand, and it gets handed down from generation to generation. When children see violence in the home, they see it as an acceptable way of resolving conflict."

Gibbons said studies prove that the number one gang crime is domestic violence.

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