Trump fan art: Is the latest one a masterpiece?

The impressionistic piece shows the president at an easel, pulling back the curtain on a painting.

  Saturday night headlines - WMC

  Whitehaven shooting leaves one dead

  Daughter arrested for shooting mother in her sleep

  Museum closed due to vandalism

  Volunteers mow unkempt grass

  Host Victoria Young announces 2019 Le Diner en Blanc

Find out the 2019 Le Diner en Blanc secret location after registering online!

  Sunday morning headlines - WMC

  Celebrate Memphis at Exposure 2019

  Driver asleep behind wheel of Tesla

A driver of a Tesla is caught on video asleep at the wheel on a Los Angeles freeway.

  Mars rock named after the Rolling Stones by NASA

NASA named a golf-ball-sized rock on the red planet the "Rolling Stones rock."

  Pet of the Week: Big boy Benny

  Why having a dog is healthy for your heart

The benefits of a dog: Exercise improves heart health because it helps you maintain a healthy weight and controls blood sugar. Dogs can be great mood boosters.

  Downtown businesses support Tom Lee Park renovations

  Friday night headlines - WMC

  One dead in North Memphis shooting

  Preventative mosquito spraying scheduled for next week


  UofM names new athletic director, Laird Veatch

  Leftwich Tennis Center ready for $19M expansion

  Penny Hardaway to lead 901 FC guitar smash

  James Wiseman at ESPYs