Rowan University students hold vigil after suicides

  North Korea says "very important test" conducted at missile site

Hours after North Korea said denuclearization is no longer on the table with the United States, the nation announced it had conducted a “very important test” at

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  Authorities says Pensacola base shooter is member of Saudi military

An aviation student from Saudi Arabia opened fire in a classroom at the Naval Air Station Pensacola on Friday morning, killing three people.

  Ex-officer accused of choking child with leash

A former Pasadena, Texas, police officer is facing charges. He's accused of choking his 8-year-old stepson with a leash.

  President Trump orders toilet review

The president says his administration is looking into revising the water-saving standard on toilets in areas where water is not scarce.

  Suspect steals car with baby inside

Man steals pickup with 10-month-old baby in it.

  North Korea threatening US with ‘Christmas gift’

CNN's Will Ripley reports on North Korea's ultimatum about sanctions from the U.S.

  White House responds to impeachment inquiry deadline

The White House suggested it will not participate in House impeachment proceedings.

  Ariz. man registers beehive as service animal

An Arizona man registered a beehive as a service animal.

  2 deputies hurt in accident with wanted man

  Chipotle sick day strategy

Chipotle has a new strategy to give workers paid time off for being sick, but it will be difficult to fake it.

  Shooting at Naval base in Pensacola ends in multiple deaths

  How does flu make you sick?

An early barrage of illness in the South has begun to spread more broadly, and there’s a decent chance flu season could peak much earlier than normal.

  This seventh grader without legs is a basketball phenomenon

  Naval shooting: Officers neutralized threat

  Pensacola Naval shooting: Several deceased, wounded

  Democrats consider Mueller Report for articles of impeachment

  Boy brings classmates to adoption ceremony

Boy brings his whole class to Kent County Adoption Day in Michigan.

  Sex assaults on rideshares - new numbers, lawsuits

Uber and Lyft say they are taking steps toward making their ride-hailing services as safe as possible.

  FBI investigating Naval base shooter’s motive

The FBI has launched a global terror investigation into the Saudi national who killed three people at a Naval base station in Pensacola, Florida.

  RAW: Banana duct-taped to wall sells for $120,000

An art piece consisting of a duct-taped banana sold for $120,000.

  GRAPHIC: Migrant teen dies in Border Patrol cell

Cameras captured the death of a 16-year-old Guatemalan migrant left in a cell with a 103-degree fever.

  Four dead in police pursuit, shootout involving UPS truck

Four people are dead after a shootout brought an end to a high-speed pursuit in South Florida.

  Uber reveals thousands of reports of sexual assaults

  MN: National Guard Black Hawk helicopter crash