College education pays off in long term, study finds

Researchers found that the average college graduate earns $78,000 a year as compared to $45,000 earned by people with only a high school diploma.

  Iran claims to shoot down US drone

The U.S. and Iran disagree about the circumstances surrounding the event.

  Marvel is re-releasing 'Endgame' with new footage

Marvel will release another version of 'Avengers Endgame' to certain theaters next weekend.

  Raw: Dogs rescued from flood

Dogs were carried from floods in Bellmawr, New Jersey on Thursday.

  James Holzhauer donated money to an Alex Trebek-related charity

James Holzhauer, who took home $2,464,216 over 33 appearances on "Jeopardy!" did something to honor his iconic host.

  Officer accused of recording men in MLB stadium restroom

Investigators are checking if he recorded people in other places.

  Disney World raises annual pass ticket prices

If you're planning on renewing your annual passes for Disney World, you may be breaking the bank and your dreams won't come true...

  Man arrested in murder-for-hire plot on father, brother, prosecutors say

Anthony Zottola is accused of hiring gang members to kill his father. Sylvester Zottola, 71, was shot and killed in a McDonald’s parking lot in Oct. He had surv

  Man turns himself in to police are getting 15K likes

Jose Simms, 30, was arraigned on seven failure-to-appear charges.

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  FBI investigates church explosion as hate crime

Some fear the incidents are connected to a pride month display the church put up to show its inclusivity.

  Utah man confronts beer-drinking home intruder

  US continues to blame Iran for tanker fire

  Weather Wise Guy - tsunami clouds

How do Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds form?

  Sex cult leader guilty on all counts

  Doll mistaken for dead baby in NY park

  Parents, coaches brawl at youth baseball game in Colorado

  'Sully' urges proactive approach in wake of Boeing troubles

Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger said pilots should practice the failure of Boeing flight-control software on simulators.

  Country time wants to legalize all lemonade stands

Country Time is encouraging kids to lobby for lemonade stand law changes, offering reimbursement for fines

  Coates targets McConnell's comments about slavery reparations

Author Ta-Nehisi Coates details the many ways the government harassed blacks after slavery.

  Booker: Nation fraught with 'persistent inequalities'

Sen. Cory Booker, D-NJ, testified at a House panel on slavery reparations.

  Security guard thwarts 2 masked robbers at cell phone store

Tomas Garcia confronted the suspects who all go away. He's now being hailed as a hero.

  EPA administrator announces coal-friendly rule

Environmental Protection Agency chief Andrew Wheeler signed a replacement rule that gives states leeway in deciding whether to mandate coal plant upgrades.

  Rapist released, attacks same victim in Washington

  School loses more than 400 completed ACT tests

The school's principal blamed the fault on "human error." The tests had not been submitted to the ACT for scoring.

  Desperate migrants head to US despite detention threat

The increase in Mexican troop numbers at the U.S. border is not enough to stop those who are desperate to reach the country.

  Iran offers mixed reactions to US troop buildup

  Woman, 103, breaks Senior Games record

Julia "Hurricane" Hawkins, 103, didn't start running until she was 101 years old, and she says she wants people to know it's never too late to get healthy.

  Man misidentified in hospital loses benefits after being declared dead

Alfonso Bennett was alive and well while his sisters were planning his funeral because they thought he was dead. Bennett is now fighting to get his disability a